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Collaboration is key - H&M Foundation's Anna Gedda featured in Davos Interviews

In connection to the World Economic Forum in Davos, H&M Foundation’s Global Manager Anna Gedda met with veteran news presenter Andrew Wilson in an interview series promoting the world’s innovators, leaders experts and academics with the aim of driving positive change.

Throughout the interview they discuss that a change in mentality and conscious awareness towards the problems that society is facing, has become a key factor for many actors within the textile industry. However, change is not happening fast enough and this is where collaboration is key.

If the fashion industry is to play its part in helping tackle climate change, isolated efforts alone cannot be relied on. Therefore, large-scale solutions that connect both people and the planet are fundamental when looking towards a sustainable future.

“Looking at the challenges for the industry, it’s clear that we need to come together to build a new type of system, new types of supply chains where we are looking at the effects and perspectives of people as well as the planet from the beginning.”

Anna Gedda, Global Manager, H&M Foundation

Watch the full interview.