Narrative Change

H&M Foundation uses the power of communication to form a narrative around a future textile industry that contributes to a more inclusive and sustainable world. We do this by creating inspiring storytelling that puts inclusive and planet positive solutions in the spotlight. We tell stories of what’s possible, challenge existing systems and stereotypes, and showcase the solutions that are out there.

Activities within Narrative Change

If we want change at scale, doing good is not enough. We turn the insights we gain and the solutions we champion into inspiring stories which in turn brings new narratives to life. By telling stories of what is possible, challenging existing systems and stereotypes, and showcasing the solutions that are out there, perception change is achievable.

We aim to influence decision makers in the fashion industry as well as in the development sector. To help us on this mission, we have a set of skilled and successful strategic partners:

UN Foundation

The UN Foundation helps the United Nations build a better world. The H&M Foundation’s partnership with UN Foundation was initiated in 2019 and aims to create a more equitable and sustainable world, and to advance the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Fotografiska Stockholm

Since January 2021, the H&M Foundation has a partnership with Stiftelsen Fotografiska, which uses photography as a medium to shed light on societal issues. Together we aim to raise awareness around sustainable development, planet and equality. As part of the collaboration we will create an annual exhibition at Fotografiska in Stockholm, the world’s largest exhibition space for photography.

Heart 17

H&M Foundation is supporting Heart 17 since its launch in 2021. Heart 17 is a global social enterprise bringing people and business together to accelerate the 17 Sustainable Development Goals throughout the world. The initiative aims to spark hope among young and accelerate change using the powers of creativity, innovation and partnership.

Challenging stereotypes and old truths

We have also worked with several campaigns to put the spotlight on a specific issue and ignite a discussion. Below are some examples of this.

The Echo Chamber

We teamed up with Fotografiska Stockhom and also added a knowledge partner, Planethon, to focus on new innovative ways to accelerate the development of inclusive societies by exploring the power of perception change. The Echo Chamber, by photographer Erik Johansson, is the result.

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The Future is Here

The H&M Foundation and Fotografiska Stockholm, one of the world’s most prominent museums for contemporary photography, have joinied forces in the quest to inspire and encourage positive change through the power of visual communication.

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Billion Dollar Collection

To help speed up the transition towards a sustainable fashion industry, we created a virtual fashion collection – the Billion Dollar Collection. Each garment represents a ground-breaking innovation that has the potential to shape the fashion industry of tomorrow, if scaled up today.

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Unfounded.Ltd was a fictive startup with the power to unlock USD330 billion in annual global revenue. The company embodied the untapped financial potential that women represent for the global economy, and through a campaign targeting the financial community – we were aiming to help close the gender gap in finance.

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Foundation 500

With Foundation 500 we wanted to challenge stereotypes and pave the way for women entrepreneurs. As a blink to the Fortune 500 list we created our own list – the ”Foundation 500” – an all-female list of 500 outstanding business leaders growing their companies in the harshest of start-up environments.

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Campaigns and activities created by our partners