Learn more about our work through stories from people whose lives we have affected or people we have worked with.

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Shift the narrative to transform the system

In a world that seems increasingly polarized, full of tensions, we create a sense of comfort by constantly seeking confirmation of our preconceived notions of reality. In this way, we build echo chambers in groups or inflate filter bubbles around us. Things that seem true and universal are often just our unique perception of the world. But by becoming aware of our limited perspectives and biases, there is a huge potential for change. Join us for an hour of inspiration and learn about the power of perception at Open Perspectives.
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She’s determined to change the industry through philanthropy

H&M Foundation’s new Global Manager, Anna Gedda, has over fifteen years of practice from the fashion and textile industry, experience in how to make brave strategies come to life and an equal passion for fashion and sustainability. It is her firm belief that the fashion and textile industry can be both socially inclusive and planet positive, but it requires bold ambitions, ground-breaking innovations, and collaboration. As Global Manager for H&M Foundation, Anna Gedda is set to use philanthropy as a catalyst to co-create and share inspiring solutions with the potential to radically transform the entire industry.
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Equipping a new generation of garment workers in Bangladesh

Facing the increasing use of automation and digitalization within the garment industry, there is an urgent need to create a skilled female workforce to save jobs and create new job opportunities. By developing video game-based skill trainings, our partner Shimmy Technologies worked to upskill women garment workers, increasing their opportunities to become multi-machine operators and digital design workers.
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Sewing her way to success

As we arrive at Arudselvi’s tailoring shop she steps forward to greet us with an enormous grin from ear to ear. Her smile is infectious. This is a businesswoman on the rise, who can’t quite believe her own success.
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The importance of fathers

Growing up in an environment where violence is a form of discipline makes people believe that children must be “educated” by violence. This situation made Manuel to establish a child centre in 2010 which later was incorporated into one of Save the Children´s project.
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Breaking taboos

Our project with PLAN Internation has reached more than 36,000 people, in the strive to change norms and break taboos around menstruation. It has pushed transformation towards a more equal society.
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Development beyond disability

1.5-year old Valery in Peru was diagnosed with Down Syndrome at birth. Her family still remembers the insensitive way they were treated at the hospital. Thanks to our partner UNICEF, Valery’s parents got support and guidance to help her in the best way, and they also got to meet other families in the same situation.