Our role

Our role is to never settle, challenge the comfortable and look outside the box for new ways to drive change. We might be small, but our ideas are big. And it may well be that agile non-profit foundations are perfectly positioned to be changemakers.

Although there is progress in many areas, it’s clear it’s not enough. As a private non-profit foundation we believe we have an important role to play. We are in the position to take risks that many commercial businesses or publicly funded NGOs can’t. Our role is to identify gaps and opportunities along the value chains of the textile industry, where we can act with speed to find — and fund — these much-needed solutions. We can explore, test, fail, learn, and progress.

As a non-competitive foundation work to create agile ecosystems of individuals, organisations, businesses, and academia sharing a mutual goal and drive transformation in different and powerful ways compared to commercial entities and large institutions. We can absorb the risk that comes with disruptive methods and we can invest in agile research and projects where beta versions are continuously released and tested.

Everything is open-sourced

If we want change at scale, doing good is not enough. The most important thing to make change happen is the scale and speed at which our findings are operationalised by others. Transparency is a strong belief for us and we are actively communicating and sharing our results with the industry as we are moving along.

Our open-source mentality is our strength and our aim is that our work should benefit the entire fashion industry and beyond. By sharing our success – and mistakes – we speed up the change.

Our most interesting findings and lessons, good and bad, are transparently shared here on our website and in our social channels. We hope this can inspire others.

a About us

H&M Foundation accelerates solutions towards a socially inclusive and planet positive textile industry. We use philanthropic resources to fund vital research and breakthrough innovation, develop powerful partnerships and create inspiring storytelling that shifts narratives.